Custom Apparel Solution for Boutiques & Retailers
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We are the only place you can get this.

Most manufacturing companies force new designers into high volume production with no sales strategy. This is the quickest way to lose money and time! We are happy to offer 6 unit minimums. That way, we can grow with you. With our guided branding assistance, your collection will be sure to grow sales to allow your demand to increase.


Our experienced team of Pattern Makers, Sample Makers & Seamstress are all in-house within our Downtown LA factories. This assures full control and speedy turn around.

We produce:

Women’s wear

Men’s wear


Kids Wear

Plus Size

How it works:

Step 1: Plan: Book your Design Discovery Call. You will speak with a Project Manager to discuss your project goals, concepts, timeline and next steps.

Step 2: Tech Pack Development: During a 45min Design Strategy Session, we will have a web meeting to go over each design in great detail. We will discuss sourcing, sizing and establish each design.

Step 3: Proposal: Once we establish each design, we will then send you a detailed proposal and agreement.

Step 4: Sample Making & Revisions: We will begin pattern making, sample making and test fitting. We will make up to 3 revisions as required by you, the designer. Don’t live in LA? No worries! We will have a virtual test fit meeting.

Step 5: Production: We will produce the inventory in bulk! Just a 6 unit minimum!

Step 6: Branding & Sales Execution: If you are within our Expansion or Elite Programs, we will now begin the line sheet, media and sales pitching process here. This is when we begin pitching your brand to retailers and expanding your current reach. We have been able to assist over 60 “Fashionpreneurs” with their brand expansion. Sit back and watch the sales funnel work.


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The Emerging Essentials Package.

The Emerging Essentials Package is perfect for the existing Boutique Owner and Designer. We will assist you in creating the collection of your dreams. 

No need to purchase wholesale styles from vendors with pre-pack restrictions. At F.A., you’ll be able to create custom pre-packs with your line meaning no inventory will be left behind.


The Expansion Plan Package.

You have the vision but are unsure how to execute? We’ve got a package for that as well. With the Expansion plan, we will not only produce your entire collection but you will work directly with our CEO & Creative Director, Jessica Williams, to help put a sales strategy in place for success once your collection has been completed.


The CEO Elite Package.

The Elite experience is for the busy CEO that needs a team of creatives to not only create their brand but to operate it as well. You are probably ready to invest in a new fashion business venture but don’t have the time, resources or relationships.

The Elite experience includes full collection production, post collection brand strategy and full use of our team of experts to help take your brand to the next level.